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Dreamland Sailors works with the first of its kind Skipper - Instructor model.


The skipper and the seafarer of the boat are sailors and instructors who are experts in their fields. Kitesurf, free diving, sailing and one of the recent years' most popular activities foil surf and wing surf instructors, with brand new gear, accompany you in Dreamland Sailors.



 If you're dreaming of chasing the wind and the waves together, explore the best free dive locations together, sail from bay to bay together, we highly recommend this Dreamland Sailors package.  


What's including in  Ride and Dive package :

 Kitesurfing equipments

 2020 Model 6.5 - 9.5  -11 ozone Catalist kites 

149 cm kiteboard - (beginners)

138 cm kiteboard 

132 cm kiteboard 


Foilboard and Wingsurf equipments

3-4-5 m2 Ozone Wasp wingsurf wings

165 lt foilboard for Wingsurf and paddle foiling (wingsurf- foil bigenners)

130 lt foilboard for (wingsurf and foilboarding )

75 litre foilboard for  (wave and wingsurf - foiling )

1800 cm2 front foil fin

2100 cm2 front wing foil fin

75  cm foil mast

65 cm foil mast


130 x 47 cm F-one Pocket Kitefoil board


Free diving equipments

Wetsuits  (for  woman , man and kids )

 Masks ve snorkel

Free diving fins  

Diving buoy

Nose clips

Diving weight belt and weights

Dalış patik ve eldivenleri



Paddle board

 2 Large paddle boards

Aktivite Botları

joker 250 - 6 beygir Yamaha 

North Star 435 - 50 beygir Tohatsu* 

*435 Northstar RIB Boat can only be used as a service and activity boat by the skipper and the seafarer. 250 Joker Boat can be used by the guests as well.

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